Attention problems of self aligning roller bearing


The preload force of the self-aligning roller bearing is carried out at room temperature, but it is in working condition. The driving shaft caused by the rise of the system micro tensile temperature will change the bearing preload. Therefore, the pre tightening force set should take into account this factor.

It requires capacity size, speed, and other conditions to set the reasonable use of the pre tightening force of the adjustable roller bearing to ensure the life of transmission. If the preload is too high, the power consumption is very high, which causes overheating. If the preload force is too small, the body load, the shaft rolling, the gap between the outer rings, the beating, running and transmission precision are produced to reduce the noise increase, which affects the gear engagement, and seriously damages the teeth and bearings.

According to different assembly of the self-aligning roller bearings, such as: the bearing pre-tightening nut of the inner bearing inner ring is directly compressed axially, and the inner and outer rings are rotated to eliminate the gap and realize the purpose of bearing preloading force. Achieve common use: first, far more than the pre installed bearing, nut * after, and then back 1 / 4 turn. Assembly method, the advantages of this method are less investment, simple, practical, consistent and good quality under the premise of tapered roller bearings, it can be used.

1. heating method of electric heating plate

The bearing can be placed on the electric plate with temperature of 100 ℃ for a few minutes. This method is simple. If the shaft can bear the heat evenly several times, and the efficiency is also high, the method can be used for the size and size adjustable roller bearings.

2. electric furnace heating method

The bearing is heated in a closed automatic temperature control furnace, which is evenly heated, accurate and fast to be heated. It is suitable for a batch of heating many bearings.

3. induction heating

The temperature required by the induction heater can be heated rapidly, reliably and cleanly. This is especially suitable for the occasion of tight fit of inner ring. Because the inner ring is heated, the outer ring is heated very little, so it can be easily installed on the shaft and easily installed in the seat hole.

4. bulb heating method

The heating temperature of the roller bearing can be guaranteed to be about 100 ℃ by heating the self-contained roller bearing with 50W electric bulb. The smaller bearing can be placed on the bulb directly. The larger bearing can be placed in the cone cover of the bulb. The cone cover can prevent the heat loss of the bulb, and make the heating even and the cone cover can be adjusted. In a certain range, it can adapt to heating the bearings of different sizes if far-infrared bulb is used, Note that the direction of the bulb should be downward, so as to avoid the infrared rays against the eyes of people. This light bulb can be used for energy saving bulb heating method, which is suitable for less quantity and less frequently; In order to heat the bearing, the light bulb can also be used for lighting, and no other equipment is required.

5. oil tank heating method

This is a widely used traditional heating method. Metal mesh is set at the place 50-70mm from the bottom of the oil tank. The bearing is placed on the net. The large bearing should be lifted with hook and should not be placed directly at the bottom of the groove, so as to prevent the bearing parts at the bottom of the groove from being heated too high locally, or the dirt deposited at the bottom of the groove enters the bearing oil tank heating method. Mineral oil with good corrosion-free thermal stability should be used, *The good thing is that the capacity of the oil tank of transformer, oil and container shall be kept as per the size and oil quantity of the roller bearing heated. If the container is too small, the temperature of bearing oil will drop quickly when it is put into continuous operation, and the effect will be bad.