Application in mining industry


No matter in the initial design stage or in the application site, we have rich experience to provide solutions. Mining equipment has been working in hard environment for a long time, bearing heavy load, debris pollution, serious eccentricity and wide range of running speed. Our excellent quality ensures the continuous and stable operation of mining equipment in such a harsh environment, minimizes the cost of spare parts and economic losses caused by equipment maintenance, and ensures the safety of surface and underground construction.

For many years, we provide specially designed high performance products for the application conditions of mining equipment, including tapered roller bearing, needle roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing and ball bearing. Our company's bearing internal geometry design, surface treatment, roller and cage design can withstand heavy load and unpredictable load in the production process, and can resist debris and other pollutants. Our metallurgical knowledge and experience in bearing manufacturing help our customers improve their mining related solutions.

What you get is not just bearings, but comprehensive friction management solutions. We comprehensively review your entire system and production objectives, and then recommend appropriate products and solutions to improve the running time and make the moving parts run with high performance. We have used different friction management technologies in many occasions to solve the practical problems of mining operators and equipment maintenance.